Jessica Kennedy
My name is Jessica Kennedy. My birthday is near Christmas, which is not good.  Some things you may want to know about me are: my favorite number is eight, favorite color is teal, and my favorite subject is Math.  I am in Seventh grade and a straight A student-- I have not received a single B this year! In my free time I enjoy playing with my siblings and watching Netflix.  My favorite sports are soccer and basketball, but the only games I have been to are Tigers baseball, and my aunts soccer games.  I have twelve siblings (six sisters and six brothers), two step siblings previously from my stepdad, two step siblings previously from my step mom, three half siblings on moms side and five half siblings on my dad's side.  My closest friend is actually my cousin Jayla because she's stuck with me, we are always forced to make up.  We can tell each other everything, and we have been friends our entire life... basically, since we could not even walk.  The person I am closest with is my grandma she is always there for me and I can trust her with my life.  She is like a second mom to me and I am thankful for her.  I travel all the time with my mom, step dad, and siblings.  I have been to New Jersey, Virginia, New York, Ohio, Kansas, Florida, Georgia, and soon Washington.  Now you know a little bit about me.  

Jessica Kennedy, Reporter

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